Father's Day Special: The Papa Rock Origin Story

Father's Day Special: The Papa Rock Origin Story

          As explained in the About Us section of this site, some of the soaps are named after very important people in my life. Since it is Father's Day, it is only fair to give you the origin of the Papa Rock soap. Named after the one and only my Dad!!! My Dad's name since he was kid was Rock (sorry The Rock, my Dad had the name first!) You can imagine that he got his name for being one of the physically strongest and most resilient people of his generation, and in my opinion ever!! My older brother and his wife were having a babygirl and being the cool and creative parents that my parents are, decided they wouldn't be just called the old Grandma and Grandpa. Thus, the name Papa Rock was created. Then a couple of years later my Dad passed suddenly and unexplainably. One day I was telling him I would see him tomorrow and then tomorrow never came... I never got to say goodbye, never got to tell him I love him one more time, never got to hear him say it to me one more. I didn't get to share one more joke. 

          My siblings and I, like my Dad and Mom are creative in our own ways. My Mom and older brother, are artists, amazing at drawing and pushing their bodies to the limit. My younger brother is an artist with bringing a story to life through film, but also with bringing a character to life in his acting. My Dad who is also amazing at pushing his body to the limits is an artist with creating things with his hands. If you go to New York, New Jersey, and other places there are places that are still standing that my dad renovated, and fixed. He would take me to work with him, and it was hard work, but satisfying. There are many things that my dad is notorious for. The shortlist is: 1. If he didn't like you, he would tell you; 2. He would stick his tongue at people; 3. He is one of the toughest people anyone has ever met; and 4. The one thing he loved more than anything is his kids. He loves us soo much it hurt him to see us in pain. For example, my Dad cried when my younger brother had chicken pox as a little kid because of how uncomfortable my younger brother was. He was tough with others and affectionate and loving with his kids. After I made the aloe scented and charcoal soap, I was hit with a brick of emotions. The Papa Rock soap had been born. 

        To my Dad, until I see you again in Heaven, know that the memories I pass down will keep you alive always... and this soap will always be reminder of that. 

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I need some Papa Rock soap…

Eric Guerrido

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