Making Your Soap Last

Making Your Soap Last

             When it comes to purchasing handmade natural soaps, I know it costs more than just buying a pack of name brand soaps. Believe me, I was also buying these types of soaps. I was also still breaking out in rashes, and my skin felt so dry after showers. I was still going to dermatologists (no shade to doctors) who were treating me as a number, not really paying attention to my skin needs and would attempt to fix the situation by prescribing me medicines I never used. If my ancestors did not have modern medicine available and their skin looked radiant, and hydrated, I was going to figure out the recipe and replicate it the best way possible. 

         First things first, I would never sell a product that I haven't used myself. How would I be able to describe authentically the benefits to others? I couldn't. Well not in the exact way that allows me to be genuine and honest. As a result, each handmade soap and body butter I have used on myself before I decided to create this website. 

       Second: It would be a lie to say I didn't create these products and this store to generate income. What I will say is it's important to create and maintain a loyal base of customers. People who know that each and every product I make, it is made with the thought of those that I love. After all, my dad made his food thinking of us, his kids, and that is why his food always came out soo good, and with that I think about my family when making these products. I make these products as if I am making them only for my family and if you know me, you know that family means EVERYTHING to me. 

       Last, but not least: It took a while, but finally to the point of this weeks post. In order to save you some money, let's discuss how to make your soap last. I generally take 2 showers a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. I wash myself about twice each shower. The most important thing I do, is I don't wet the soap. Instead I wet the washcloth that I am using rather well, rub the soap into the washcloth and when I've got a good lather on the washcloth I use it all over my body. This is not based on scientific research. This is simply based on my opinion. If you are wetting the soap in the shower, you are also allowing the water to wash away the soap without using it and thus wasting it. This way I am able to control the use of the soap. I hope this was somewhat helpful. Purchase a soap, try for yourself and post whether you think it worked better or worse to your method. If this method didn't work well post your own method. See you next week!!

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